Front Army’s Hot Gamer Girls

Front Army is one of our favorite UK websites to check out and this is a prime example of why. These two hot gamer chicks are playing guitar hero the way we feel all hot gamer girls should be playing video games.  Continue reading

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Katy Perry Elmo Shirt – I’ve Never Seen Elmo So Happy

Katy Perry SNL Elmo ShirtKaty Perry was recently on SNL and my god the Bronx Beat skit featuring Katy Perry in an amazing Elmo T Shirt was awesome! For all you gents bored as hell at work, check out this animated gif Skorp from Gamer T Shirts put together Continue reading

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Future Gaming – Mobile Phones The Next Frontier For Gaming

There are millions of people playing console games and the video game interesting has never been bigger. However, despite the great increases in casual and hardcore gamers, there is a new frontier in gaming that many seasoned veterans are taking note of. Gamer T Shirts has noticed that the newest frontier for gamers is actually a lot closer than they may have thought of before, it’s found on cellphones.

Cellphones and video games going hand in hand is not something that has always been a possibility. However, there have been some major strides in regards to mobile technology, and while the casual user might only use their device for communication, others are taking note of the many games that can be played on the devices. Continue reading

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Study Finds Video Games Help with Decision Making

It would appear that video games may not be such a waste of time after all.

A new study conducted by the University of Rochester and featured in the September 14 issue of Current Biology finds that gamers who regularly play action video games – particularly shooters such as those in the “Halo” or “Call of Duty” series – are better at making quick and accurate decisions.

For the study, gamers and non-gamers alike were presented with a series of dots and were told to identify the direction of the dots’ motion. There were varying levels of difficulty based on the number of dots that were moving in the same direction. It was discovered that gamers who spent a lot of time playing action video games could identify the direction of the dots faster and more accurately than those who didn’t play action games. Continue reading

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Halo Reach | Exciting Gameplay Equals Huge Sales

It’s time, suit up. The fate of humankind depends upon it.

Halo Reach is the best of all Halo games bringing Gamers together in this exceptional, epic and final part of humankind’s story of survival against an alien race seeking to dominate the universe. Graphics are mind blowing and with a music score to pump you up, you’ll find yourself locking and loading and raring to go.

Gamers will find themselves in all sorts of scenarios. You will be known as Noble 6, part of the Noble Team and a Spartan. Trained in combat, you are primarily on a planet called the Reach and fighting against the ever present alien race called The Covenant. There you will fight alongside many other characters, and with each scenario you’ll find more of your character and storyline unfold. Continue reading

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